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Saving Lifestyles with Peak Care

Top Sacramento Orthopedic Surgeons

Our Mission Summit Orthopedic Specialists is dedicated to Saving Lifestyles by providing the most advanced and individualized care needed to achieve the highest level of function and health. Offering the latest treatment options, we’ll help you regain and maintain your active lifestyle.

At Summit, we strive to provide the best orthopedic surgery Sacramento has to offer. The doctors and board-certified orthopedic surgeons at Summit Orthopedic Specialists work with athletes at all levels to quickly resolve injuries and get you back on track. Or trail. Or mountain.

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If joint pain or stiffness limits your ability to move, Summit Orthopedic Specialists can help you get back in the game.

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Not every injury requires surgery. At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, we offer non-surgical therapies to rehabilitate quickly without going under the knife.

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Summit Orthopedic Specialists is a diagnostic practice, and comprehensive orthopedic surgery center in Sacramento dedicated to solving your bone and joint issues.

Orthopedic Diagnostics Sacramento


The better you can see, the better you can treat. Summit Orthopedic Specialists offer versatile imaging solutions to help diagnose orthopedic issues faster and better.

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From robotic-assisted outpatient surgeries to in-house arthroscopic tools to diagnose injuries faster, we focus on improving patient outcomes through innovation.

The Summit Experience Our Passion Sets us Apart

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, no orthopedic problem is too complex or too simple for us to handle. We are known throughout the region as a leader in comprehensive, patient-centered orthopedic services, including cartilage restoration, joint replacement, pediatrics, sports medicine, and trauma.

Since 1995, our Sacramento Orthopedic Surgeons and board-eligible physicians have treated our patients for bone, joint, and pain issues. We utilize the latest medical knowledge and the most advanced techniques to provide you with innovative, compassionate care. After your diagnosis and treatment, our physicians and support team work closely with you throughout the healing process to ensure the fastest and most complete recovery possible.

Our practice emphasizes coordinated individualized care, and a smooth return to your normal activities. Our commitment to providing outstanding orthopedic care for our patients makes Summit Orthopedic Specialists the premier Sacramento Orthopedic Surgeons.

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At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, our Sacramento orthopedic surgery providers will be here for you long after your procedure is complete. We’ve been around since 1995, and our president, Paul Sasaura, M.D., has been with us since 2002.

With a long history of serving our community and providing excellent personalized medical care, you can be confident that Summit Orthopedic Specialists is Sacramento’s home for orthopedic surgery.

Paul Sasaura MD - Orthopedic Surgeon Sacramento

Paul Sasaura, M.D.

Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Sasaura has been providing peak care to patients of all ages since joining Summit Orthopedic Specialists in 2002. As president of our group, Dr. Sasaura enjoys all aspects of joint replacement and revision surgery. He sub-specializes in minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery and has been performing outpatient surgery since 2016.

Robert L. Cameto MD - Orthopedic Surgeon Sacramento

Robert L. Cameto, M.D.

Dr. Robert L. Cameto is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and one of the founding members of Summit Orthopedic Specialists. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Cameto deeply understands the needs of his patients and can help them find the right solutions to get them feeling and moving better. He is also an avid skier and lifelong athlete.

Sacramento Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine specialist Hunter S. Greene MD

Hunter S. Greene, M.D.

Dr. Hunter S. Greene is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who has been with Summit Orthopedic Specialists since 2005. He is the only surgeon in the area fellowship trained in hip arthroscopy, which he uses as a minimally invasive way to diagnose and treat a wide range of hip conditions. Dr. Greene is passionate about sports and the positive role they play in teaching children life lessons.

Madeline Lummis, PA-C - Summit Orthopedic Specialists Sacramento

Madeline Lummis, PA-C

Madeline Lummis is an active member of the California Association of Physician. Associates and the American Academy of Physician Associates. She pursued a graduate program at PA school at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University in Boston and has an innate drive for helping others feel their best. As a fully trained and formally certified PA, Maddie is 100% passionate about serving patients' orthopedic needs in the Greater Sacramento Area.

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Taking the Lead Robotic-assisted Surgery At Summit Orthopedic Specialists

In climbing, the lead climber is the person who finds the path up the mountain first. The most skillful climbers take the lead because they have the knowledge and the training to chart a course and secure the ropes for other climbers to follow.

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, we take the lead in robotic-assisted surgery. Sacramento board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Sasaura utilizes robotics to aid him in minimally invasive surgery. Robotics also ensure that the procedures are done with more precision than any human hand can achieve, promoting faster healing and better outcomes.

As the leading robotic-assisted orthopedic surgeon in Sacramento, Dr. Sasaura travels across the country teaching other surgeons about the use of robotics in joint replacement. Dr. Sasaura takes the lead to improve orthopedic surgery as a field and guide others to the peak of orthopedic care.

Robotic Assisted Orthopedic Surgery Sacramento

With thousands of happy patients now living their lives pain free and back to doing the things they love, it’s no wonder people choose Summit Orthopedic Specialists.


“The doctors here are so awesome! Dr. Sasaura has done two ACL reconstructions on each knee and I have referred him to anyone needing a great knee doctor. I had two ACL reconstructions before Sasaura and they both failed. My knees were a mess and he fixed them! Can't tell you how grateful I am for his knowledge and wonderful bedside manners. Believe me - the doctors here are great and are on the cutting edge of technology!” –Shawn W.

“A friend who is a physician referred me to this practice many years ago because of hip problems. I have had a perfect arthroscopic hip surgery performed by Dr. Greene, a perfect total hip replacement surgery by Dr. Sasaura, and a dozen visits for cortisone injections and follow-up appointments throughout my time as a patient. I'm a huge fan of these guys and Summit. They are the best!” –Mark S.

“I absolutely love the doctors and the receptionist is always so nice at check-in. Dr. Greene is amazing and has such a great bedside manner. He did a great job on my surgery and explaining everything at my pre-op and what happened during surgery at my post-op with photos. I will continue to use Summit Orthopedic Specialists for my orthopedic issues." -Kim L.

“Wonderful experience with staff and doctors before, during, and after my hip replacement. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Sausaora. He is a talented and personable surgeon. This is a rare combination, IMO. If you need surgery, don't think twice about using Summit Orthopedic Specialists.” -Liz W

"The doctors here are so awesome! Dr. Sasaura has done two ACL reconstructions on each knee and I have referred him to anyone needing a great knee doctor. I had two ACL reconstructions before Sasaura and they both failed. My knees were a mess and he fixed them! Can't tell you how grateful I am for his knowledge and wonderful bedside manners. Believe me - the doctors here are great and are on the cutting edge of technology!" -Shawn W.

“My son broke his finger and after trying to get an appointment with over 10 different orthopedic doctor offices. I tried Summit; I was pleasantly surprised when they offered to see him the next day. Each visit was a great experience, staff is very caring, courteous and helpful." -Stephen B.

“I cannot say enough good things about this place. The staff was very friendly, fast and helpful. The girl at the front desk had my info in the computer before I could finish the paperwork; MA was awesome, the guy who came in to fit me with the air cast, even checking out... I'm so glad I found this place... If I have any more issues come up I will be going back here!! The office décor was very nice. I give my overall experience even though I was in pain, an A+.” -Marty D.

“Hands down the best orthopedic care I have ever had. I have had years of issues with a failed hip replacement from another doctor in another city. I was sent to Dr. Sasaura for a hip revision. Dr. Sausara fixed my hip. My life turned around once he became my orthopedist. He is also personable, caring, and explains everything that will happen. The staff is great. I am relieved to be a patient at a medical practice that treats their patients so well. I would highly recommend Dr. Sausara. –Melinda B.

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Total Knee Replacement

We ask a lot of our knees. They carry our weight, allow us to walk, pivot, run, and absorb the impact of our steps and landings and falls. When they wear out, we feel it all over our bodies.

Total knee replacement alleviates that pain by resurfacing the areas of the knee that are damaged or diseased and replacing them with a prosthetic. At Summit Orthopedic Specialists in Sacramento, total knee replacement is a high-tech outpatient procedure. Our surgeons make sure our surgeries are as minimally invasive as possible to reduce recovery times.

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Total Hip Replacement

Everyone has an opinion about when or if you should get a hip replacement, from friends and loved ones to your neighbor down the block. But not everyone is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip replacement in Sacramento.

Summit Orthopedic Specialists has a few of those, and they’ll be happy to help. If you experience consistent hip pain during your normal daily activities, our hip specialists can help ease your burden and answer your questions. And, unlike your neighbor, they have Ph.Ds and years of surgical experience to guide their answers.

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Total Shoulder Replacement

You have a lot riding on your shoulders. Don’t let shoulder pain add to your burden. If you experience persistent or worsening shoulder pain that doesn’t go away with therapy or rest.

It may be time to look into an orthopedic solution like total shoulder replacement. Sacramento’s Summit Orthopedic Specialists have innovative and customizable solutions to minimize the downtime of shoulder replacement. We use hi-tech methods to perform these surgeries on an outpatient basis to save you money and encourage a speedy recovery.

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Outpatient Joint Surgery

Summit Orthopedic Specialists understands that nobody wants to spend the night in a hospital when they can recover in the comfort of their own homes.

That’s why, wherever possible, we create surgery plans that include outpatient joint surgery. From partial replacements to arthroscopic treatments to full knee replacements, our skilled surgeons can make life-changing enhancements to your joints without long and expensive hospital stays. Get back to normal faster with outpatient joint surgery at Summit!

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Viscosupplement Injections

Not every problem needs surgery to solve it. Sometimes, our doctors can provide joint pain relief through viscosupplement injections (also known as “gel” injections”).

These injections add hyaluronic acid into the joint to provide a cushion between the bones to reduce pain and discomfort. In Sacramento, Summit Orthopedic Specialists offers a wide variety of joint injections to reduce swelling, increase mobility, ease discomfort, prevent damage, and delay surgical intervention.

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Robotic Surgery

Make no mistake about it; our surgeons are incredibly precise, skillful, and detail-oriented.

But even the most practiced human surgeon has physical limitations. Robotic surgery reduces these limitations by giving our surgeons a powerful tool to make smaller cuts and more precise interventions than any human being could accomplish freehand: often with an accuracy of less than one millimeter from the plan! We are one of the first orthopedic practices in the country to train on many of these devices, and our surgeons instruct others around the country on how to embrace these robotic arms to improve patient outcomes.

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Robotic Surgery Sacramento

Partial Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement involves completely replacing the knee, but there are many cases where this is not medically necessary.

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, partial knee replacement can often resolve the pain and symptoms our patients have with far less rehabilitation and recovery than a full knee replacement. By sparing the ligaments and only replacing what needs to be replaced, we can create a more “natural-feeling” knee that gets you back to mobility without pain faster.

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Sacramento Knee Arthroscopy models hiking

If you move your body for fun or exercise, you are an athlete. Summit Orthopedic Specialists have the skills and tools to get athletes of all skill levels off the injury list and back to the sports they enjoy.

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PRP With Regenkit

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a powerful way to augment many therapeutic enhancement services. It uses the potent anti-inflammatory nutrients found in your blood to help promote a myriad of health benefits. Many patients opt to use PRP injections to promote wound healing and promote a healthier musculoskeletal system.

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Outpatient Total Joint Arthroplasty

Our surgeons now provide our patients in Sacramento outpatient total joint arthroplasty (TJA). Select patients who are healthy enough to be candidates for this pathway can receive TJA at an ambulatory surgery center. Summit Orthopedic Specialists was the first group in the Sacramento area to offer this type of service to patients.

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In-office arthroscopy. Robotic-assisted surgeries. Versatile non-surgical alternatives. At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, we offer our patients in Sacramento orthopedic surgery and solutions at the leading edge of the industry. Learn how peak care leads to peak performance with a consultation today.

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