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Guided Ultrasound for Joint Injections In Carmichael, CA

Ultrasound To Guide Therapeutic Injections

Summit Orthopedic Specialists utilize ultrasound to guide therapeutic injections, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy and cortisone injections. Using real-time, high-resolution images, we can precisely target the injection to the injured area. Musculoskeletal ultrasound has many advantages, including live-action imaging, which shows movement, function, and anatomy and enables us to pinpoint the source of pain and treat it effectively without any radiation.

Ultrasound-Guided Joint Injections Procedure

Ultrasound-guided joint injection treatment is recommended when other treatments, such as physical therapy, oral medications, or joint manipulation are not as effective as expected.

Your orthopedic specialist will use an ultrasound-guided joint injection treatment as a safe and effective method compared to traditional treatments. Performed as a traditional injection method, the ultrasound enables clearer images once the ultrasound gel is applied. The ultrasound probe then targets the tendon or joint for your orthopedic specialist to deliver the injection via needle or syringe. The injection fluids can be seen on the ultrasound to ensure accurate delivery.

Guided Ultrasound for Joint Injections Sacramento

Benefits of Ultrasound-GuidedJoint Injections

Delivering joint injections is not as easy as it may seem. Joint injections require specialists to target the joint precisely with little margin of error because the injection needs to be within the joint space and not in the surrounding soft tissue. Advanced technology now offers our orthopedic specialists to administer joint injections with the guided approach of an ultrasound.

Additional ultrasound-guided benefits include:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Safe and effective procedure
  • Reduction in treatment pain

Our staff is highly skilled and trained to deliver injections without using an ultrasound; however, imaging technology is continuously improving and enables our specialists to identify proper placement for various joint injections.

Ultrasound-Guided Joint Injection Recovery

You will receive specific post-treatment instructions which are crucial to follow for optimal healing. You are instructed to rest the affected joint at least 24 to 48 hours after your injection. In some cases, there may be inflammation following your treatment, which may cause some discomfort. Ice packs and pain medication will help to alleviate your pain.

Guided Ultrasound for Joint Injections Sacramento

Ultrasound-Guided Joint Injection Results

It is recommended to rest the treated joint for at least two to three days. After that, your expected results will be discussed further with your doctor and specialist. Steroid injections will start to work in a few days to two weeks and last about a month.

Hyaluronic injections begin to work in four to six weeks but will last about six months. Your PRP or BMAC injections may take up to 12 weeks to take effect but will last for at least a year, if not longer.

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If you are curious about how ultrasound-guided joint injections can help you, it’s vital to speak to our orthopedic specialists to review and discuss your personalized treatment plan. Joint injections are often used in conjunction with other treatments, and we want to ensure your optimal healing takes precedence. Schedule your consultation at Summit Orthopedic Specialists today.

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