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Robotic-Assisted Surgery Sacramento, CA

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Where Science Fiction Meets Surgery

It might seem like a page right out of a sci-fi novel, but robotic technology has come a very long way over the past few years. And now, surgeons can get a helping hand from a high-tech helper when operating on patients. The team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists is excited to offer their patients in Sacramento Robotic-Assisted Surgery for minimally invasive joint surgery.

What is Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Robotic-Assisted Surgery is the utilization of a unique set of technologies that use a specialized set of 'arms' for operating surgical instruments, a camera, and the use of a high-resolution monitor and control console.

While the idea of a robot operating on your body as you lay there might seem very intimidating, you need not worry. The surgical robot does not perform any functions on its own – there is no artificial intelligence scanning your internals nor any 'best judgment calculations' occurring. The entire purpose of this machine is to assist your surgeon in performing the surgical operation to a much higher degree of accuracy than possible by the human hand alone.

As mentioned, the robot is not performing any work independently – the surgeon controls every move. According to the personalized plan created for your joint surgery, the machine guides the surgeon's hand, which allows for real-time manipulation of the surgical tools, giving the surgeon the ability to perform bone cuts with an accuracy of less than one degree and one millimeter of the plan.

Sacramento Robotic-Assisted Surgery model wearing a knee brace

Benefits OfRobotic-Assisted Surgery

The nature of the process and the granularity with which the surgeon can control their tools result in many benefits for both surgeon and patient. Better visualization of the operation with a more minimal approach and more precise surgical maneuvers result in shorter recovery times, less risk of infection, less pain, blood loss, blood transfusions, and a quicker than ever return to your regular daily routine.

The addition of robotics allows a surgeon to set a scale function, in which for every inch the surgeon's hand moves, the robot's arm will only move a fraction of an inch. As you can imagine, this allows for a simplification of the most complex, intricate movements. They can even perform suturing and knot-tying with the dexterous robot' hands'.

Am I A Candidate for Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Because robotic-assisted surgery can be used in treatments for such a variety of ailments, candidates can be anyone in need of orthopedic surgery.

Robotic-assisted surgery can improve hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, and many other orthopedic procedures. All patients needing joint replacement are a candidate for robotic-assisted surgery. If you are interested in learning more, visit the team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists. We will be happy to review your situation and make sure you are provided with as much information as possible.

Sacramento Robotic-Assisted Surgery model with bandage on wrist

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Procedure

During your Robotic- Assisted Surgery Sacramento Surgeons at Summit Orthopedic Specialists will gently insert the robotic arms into the body through tiny incisions, allowing a camera arm to be inserted, allowing your surgeon to see 3D, high-definition images in real-time of the areas needing treatment. Surgical instruments are also inserted, which the surgeon will manually control via the robotic arms that replicate the surgeon's hands.

Robotic-Assisted SurgeryRecovery

Because Robotic-Assisted Surgery is minimally invasive, in comparison to something like open surgery, patients find that they heal and recover much faster than expected.

The less invasive surgery allows for shorter recovery times, shorter stays at the hospital, and you will experience less pain or need for excess medication.

Because the technology enables surgeons to avoid surrounding nerves and organs during their surgery, patients can quickly recover.

Sacramento Robotic-Assisted Surgery model receiving knee pain treatment

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Results

Because the results of surgeries have a wide range, we recommend coming in for a consultation with the team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists, where we can review your needs and goals and accurately provide you with realistic goals and expectations.

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