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Amniotic Injections Sacramento, CA

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Amniotic Injections

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, we strive to offer patients a wide range of treatment options and therapeutic services to help enhance their lives and promote wound healing or pain management.

Our goal is to promote overall health and wellness and deliver customizable treatments for patients suffering from orthopedic related concerns and injuries. Our Amniotic injections are a great option for patients with orthopedic conditions and can offer an alternative to steroid injections or similar treatments.

This procedure has been shown to offer patients relief and accelerated healing time in injected areas. Our team of expert orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants can help patients who suffer from a myriad of issues, including inflammation, tendon issues, and more.

What Are Amniotic Injections?

By combining injectable treatment with high-quality ingredients, like growth factors, hyaluronic acid and other nutrients our bodies respond well to, it can help to improve healing time and reduce pain in various parts of the body.

Our treatments specifically focus on the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of bone, tendon, ligament, muscle, and joint conditions. We carefully direct our approach to each individual patient to ensure the treatment and services provided are customized to suit every patient’s unique concerns. At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, our amniotic injectable treatments are fortified with powerful nutrients and growth factors, such as:

  • Cytokines
  • Anti-inflammatory proteins
  • Hyaluronic Acid
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What Do Amniotic Injections Treat?

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, we provide preventative care, treatment options, and maintenance for a variety of orthopedic concerns in men and women of all ages.

Our Amniotic injectables can help relieve issues such as:

  • Tendinitis, like tennis or golfer’s elbow and similar conditions
  • Osteoarthritis Grades 1 through 3
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Slow-healing wounds

How Soon Will I See the Result of Amniotic Injectable Treatments?

The results of your amniotic injections will vary based on the extent of treatment required, in addition to how many injections you get and how quickly your body responds. Typically, patients can expect to feel and see the results of amniotic injections in several days after the injection appointment. Sacramento amniotic injection patients who suffer from inflammation or tendon issues may start to experience relief within the first 24-48 hours. Wound healing will likely start to show signs of accelerating during this time as well.

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What Are the Benefits of Amniotic Injections?

These injections are inherently safe and have a low risk of complications.

  • Can help to treat injuries in certain ligaments and tendons
  • Steroid-free anti-inflammatory
  • May prevent the need for surgery
  • Can effectively treat osteoarthritis and similar concerns
  • Due to naturally-occurring ingredients, there is little to no risk of patient rejection

How Long Is the Amniotic Injection Treatment Process?

Injectable procedures are a popular option for patients due to their fast, easy, and safe application process. The approach may vary slightly for each patient, but the procedures are typically performed in-house at our state-of-the-art facility in Carmichael, CA area.

The amniotic injections will be administered directly to the treatment area. This can sometimes mean various injections. The procedure can typically be performed in under an hour and patients will be able to return home with minimal aftercare required.

How Long Do the Amniotic Injection Results Last?

Again, the results of your amniotic injectable procedure will vary based on your unique needs and the extent of treatment you are getting to correct, treat, or manage any orthopedic concerns. In general, patients can expect to experience relief from inflammation or see an improvement in wound healing or issues like tendinitis for up to a year. If you need further care, treatment, or maintenance, be sure to talk to one of our experts about how your injections will impact this.

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Consultation for Amniotic Injections in Sacramento, CA

If you or a loved one is looking for high-quality orthopedic care with Amniotic injections in Sacramento, CA or surrounding areas and want to address issues with joints, muscles, bones, or ligaments, please call Summit Orthopedic Specialists to learn more about our services. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our facility.

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