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Shoulder Replacement Surgery Sacramento, CA

Shoulder Arthroplasty To Restore Range Of Rotation & Mobility

It can be easy to attribute that pain in your shoulder to a pulled muscle or perhaps having slept in an uncomfortable position. But if the pain fails to recede day after day, has become a constant limitation, and conservative solutions don’t seem to ever help for very long, then a shoulder replacement may be what you need.

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists we strive to provide the best shoulder replacements Sacramento has to offer. The team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists understand how shoulder arthritis can impact your ability to live life on your terms and at your speed. We are proud to offer our California patients shoulder replacement surgery and treatment. It’s time for you to get back to enjoying your regular activities without that constant pain.

What is Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Shoulder replacement surgery (also known as shoulder arthroplasty) is the process of replacing specific portions of the shoulder joint with artificial implants, aiming to reduce the pain and restore your natural range of rotation and mobility.

Degradation of the smooth cartilage that covers the shoulder bones can be caused by shoulder arthritis. The cartilage surfaces that normally cover the bones and allow them to glide against each other comfortably begin to disappear. The loss of cartilage will result in your shoulder bones coming into direct contact, which over time will cause friction to roughen them until they begin to experience damage. Bone-on-bone friction is typically the source of the pain you feel whenever you move your shoulder. Shoulder replacement surgery and implants help to repair and replace these surfaces, letting you once again experience pain-free movement in your arms, as well as increasing strength and function in your shoulder.

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Benefits Of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Most of our Sacramento shoulder replacement patients are extremely satisfied with the results and the noted degree of pain relief. Should replacement results last for years – up to 90 percent of shoulder replacements perform optimally for up to 10 years, and 80 percent of them are known to have lasted for at least 20 years.

Am I A Candidate for Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Most people suffering from severe shoulder pain will have gone through non-surgical treatments to try and alleviate the suffering caused by shoulder pain. Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and cortisone injections are valid treatments but may not work to relieve the pain entirely, neither permanently nor immediately.

In these cases, those who still find themselves dealing with the loss of motion or strength in their shoulder(s), severe pain that might be limiting normal activities, and especially those experiencing moderate to severe pain while sleeping are all potential candidates for a shoulder replacement. Ultimately, shoulder replacement should be considered a last resort for almost anyone. If and when the time does come where all other conservative treatments have failed or were not an option (in cases where immediate surgery is necessary), then it is time to discuss this option with the team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists.

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How Do We Get Started?

Before scheduling the procedure, our Sacramento shoulder replacement providers will review your complete medical history, perform a physical examination (including X-rays), and likely involve meeting with a physical therapist to discuss the rehabilitation process after the surgery.

The team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists is aware of results and situations being unique for each patient and wants to assure you that you are in good hands when requiring expert review and treatment.

Shoulder Replacement Recovery

A majority of the surgery is performed as an outpatient, meaning you go home the same day of the surgery. After the surgery, if you received a nerve block, many patients have little to no pain. Many patients can switch over to oral pain medications within a day or so.

While your arm is in a brace afterward, you can remove it while performing physical therapy sessions, beginning with moving the fingers, wrist, and elbow. Shoulder mobility is commonly regained within a day or so after the procedure. While the team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists will provide you with an exercise program, you can perform at home.

A week or so after a shoulder replacement, you will likely need to attend physical therapy sessions, which may continue for several weeks. Do take note that most patients cannot drive for four to six weeks, so you may want to plan accordingly. And as always, the team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists will be able to address any specific questions you might have at consultation.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery Procedure

Shoulder replacement surgery typically takes about 3 hours, including the time for anesthesia to be applied. The anesthesia may include a nerve block for postoperative pain control. A shoulder replacement surgery typically consists of four main steps:

  • Preparation of the Humerus
  • Positioning of Humeral Stem Implant
  • Preparation of the Glenoid
  • Positioning of Glenoid implant
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Shoulder Replacement Surgery Results

Because complications from a shoulder replacement surgery are so unlikely, and with nerve and artery damage being extremely rare, once the recovery period is completed and all physical therapy has been performed as needed, you can expect to return to living a normal lifestyle.

You are welcome to resume activities like fishing, golfing, tennis, not to mention experiencing a significant reduction in pain. On top of that, you will also see a vastly increased range of motion and ability to perform daily activities. The team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists will be able to recommend exercises that will help you increase muscle strength and physical fitness without risking injury to your new shoulder.

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