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Outpatient Joint Surgery Sacramento, CA

Outpatient Joint Arthroplasty

Our team is thrilled that we are among the first groups in the area to offer outpatient joint services for our patients, including computer and robotic-assisted surgery! The team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists strives to provide the best outpatient joint surgery Sacramento has to offer.

Outpatient Total Joint Arthroplasty (TJA) is performed in surgical centers on select patients who qualify for this pathway service based on set health parameters. TJA surgeries are performed at certified ambulatory surgery centers. Summit Orthopedic Specialists is a premier orthopedic center offering comprehensive, patient-centered orthopedic services. Outpatient Joint Services is simply another step in our commitment to ensure you have easy access to the best orthopedic treatment and care.

What Is Outpatient Joint Surgery?

Outpatient joint surgery is the same joint replacement surgery you would have in the hospital, but one that takes place within a surgery center, allowing the patient to go home the very same day!

Before the recent COVID-19 pandemic swept over the country, there were assumptions that about 10 percent of the million-plus total joint replacements would be outpatient procedures. In actuality, that number was closer to 25 percent! Experts estimate nearly 50 percent of all total joint replacements will be outpatient procedures by the year 2026!

Our Total Joint Arthroplasty services include:

  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Total Shoulder Replacement
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Benefits Of Ambulatory Surgery Centers for your Outpatient Joint Surgery

The team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists has specialized knowledge and training in outpatient surgeries. Surgical procedures, such as outpatient joint surgery, performed at ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) don’t require hospital admission and can be a cost-effective option for many patients who require orthopedic surgery and treatment. Our ASCs are designed to be the most advanced health care facilities for your orthopedic needs. The significant advantage of receiving treatment at our ASC is it offers years of experience in outpatient joint surgeries. ASCs ensure patients receive private treatment in a stress-free space, and are subjected to stringent inspections to ensure that these centers are fully compliant with healthcare standards.

Both at the state and national levels. Our centers have been certified as centers of excellence for joint arthroplasty. On top of all that, when you choose an outpatient total joint replacement, you are able to avoid many of the infections diseases typically found at hospitals. There is inherently less risk of catching or spreading disease between patients. Add to that the fact that, because surgery centers have dedicated anesthesiologists for outpatient surgery, they can offer a variety of techniques allowing for pain relief and for you to return home the very same day.

Am I A Candidate for Outpatient Joint Surgery?

The ideal candidates for outpatient joint surgery are motivated, mobile, healthy, and have home support. As with any surgery, a positive attitude is vital, as it directly affects your ability and desire to get healthy and restore yourself back to where you want to be.

Your recovery results depend on your willingness and proactive approach, or might even be due to the strength of your support network of friends and family. Having a group backing you through this process will be incredibly useful and helpful in allowing you to recover more swiftly and thoroughly. Patients who were naturally active and independent before their surgery will have much better results when it comes to physical therapy after their treatment. On the same note, those who were less active such as those who may have had to use a walker or wheelchair before their treatment, will likely benefit more from an inpatient setting.

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What To Expect From Your Outpatient Joint Surgery

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, we are 100% committed to delivering personalized and positive patient experiences when you come in for your Outpatient Joint Surgery in Sacramento. Here’s a general outline of what you can expect:

Before Your Surgery

Your doctor will conduct a preoperative interview to review your health and medical history. Based on your health condition, you may be required to undergo health tests or asked to provide medical clearance from your primary physician for the surgery. You will know what to expect, and if you have questions – you can ask them at any point during the process.

Day Of Your Surgery

On the day of the surgery, you will be admitted, and your vitals will be checked to ensure you are ready for your surgery. Your surgeon will review your surgical plan with you once again and answer any questions you might have to confirm you are prepared for surgery. Once this is done, you will be taken to the operating room for your surgery.


After your surgery is over, you will be taken to a post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and carefully monitored while you recover from the anesthesia. Any pain, discomfort, or side effects will be addressed by your doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist.

When you feel well enough and are ready to get discharged, you will be provided with post-surgery care instructions on precautions, medications, and diet. The following day, you will be contacted by a surgical team member to find out how you’re doing and check on your progress.

Outpatient Joint Surgery Recovery

Every person’s body is unique, and the range of procedures performed via outpatient joint surgery are many. However, due to the minimally invasive nature of an outpatient joint surgery.

Many patients will be advised and encouraged to move their body after surgery. Moving your repaired joint can help speed the recovery process. Moving your body and your joints is crucial to recovery. As long as you can adhere to your physical therapy and follow your surgeon’s post-care instructions, you will be able to handle the recovery process from the comfort of your own home just fine. With an at-home recovery process, your surgeon may ask a few questions focusing on learning more about your existing live-in support, your pets, and if you have stairs or a unique sleeping situation.

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Prepare for At-Home Recovery

Live-in support (family, friends, or hired support) may be needed for household help and cooking, not to mention transportation for a few days or weeks following your procedure. As loving as they are, Pets can pose a tripping hazard, so it may be best to find a family member or friend that can watch them for a few days or weeks until you are more sure on your feet.

While most patients should have no trouble with stairs after surgery, let your surgeon know to assess the situation best and know if there is anything you might need to avoid an injury. Most patients can sleep in their bed, but let your surgeon know if there are any unique factors (such as the bedroom layout or even the height of the bed). Sharing this type of information will ensure your at-home recovery will be safe, swift, and enjoyable.

Schedule Your Consultation For Outpatient Joint Surgery In Sacramento

Find the relief you need with the best orthopedic services in Sacramento. Discover the difference our team can make at Summit Orthopedic Specialists. Call and schedule your outpatient joint surgery consultation with one of our specialists today.

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Why Choose Summit Orthopedic Specialists?

The idea behind starting Outpatient Joint services was to ensure our patients have rapid and simplified access to critical orthopedic treatment in convenient locations and without the complications that hospital stay often entails.

Advancements in pain management, robotic technology, and surgical procedures have made it possible for patients to safely undergo numerous orthopedic procedures that can be performed on an outpatient basis. Orthopedic surgical procedures offered by Summit Orthopedic Specialists will be carried out by a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, orthopedic physician assistants, and surgical technologists. Every standard for surgical sterilization is stringently followed within an ambulatory setting to ensure complete patient safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, treatments performed at a surgery center can cost nearly half as much as a similar treatment at a hospital.

On the contrary! Since outpatient joint surgery patients can go home the same day of their procedure, many patients find it easier to stay motivated and recover faster than in a hospital.

Almost anyone eligible for an inpatient total joint replacement will also qualify for an outpatient joint surgery. There are a few criteria that, if met, can prevent you from being eligible, but contact Summit Orthopedic Specialists to learn about your options!

If you can get up, use the restroom, and are not experiencing any nausea or vomiting, you’re good to go! Often, you can head home within four to five hours after your outpatient joint surgical procedure. So you should not need to have an overnight stay at a hospital, making outpatient joint surgery a fantastic option.

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