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Physical Therapy Sacramento, CA

Physical Therapists helping to address illnesses and injuries

The team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists are happy to offer their patients in Sacramento physical therapy, to help address illnesses or injuries limiting a person’s ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. Physical therapy addresses a variety of issues, evaluating and treating any abnormal physical function related to illness, injury, disability, or other conditions.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the process of taking care of patients in all stages of healing, including the initial diagnosis to determine what method would be best for the situation at hand and through every restorative and preventative stage of recovery. While many patients are referred to a physical therapy provider by their doctor, many often seek therapy independently. Physical therapy can also be utilized as a standalone option or may even support other treatments.

Sacramento Physical Therapy model receiving treatment

Benefits of Physical Therapy

There is a broad spectrum of benefits provided by physical therapy, from pain management resulting in a reduced need for opioids and medication even to avoid surgery.

Carmichael physical therapy patients also include those recovering from various injuries, trauma, or victims of stroke or paralysis. Over time, physical therapists can even help their patients with gaining fall prevention due to improved balance.

Am I a Candidate for Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is best performed when customized and personalized to each person. Anyone with pain in their shoulders or knees or even their spine can be a candidate.

At Summit Orthopedic Specialists we understand how important your active lifestyle or even your everyday physical activities are to living a life you love therefore we strive to provide the best physical therapy Sacramento has to offer. We want to ensure you can get back to the action as soon as possible!

Sacramento Physical Therapy model with a leg cast

What to Expect During A Physical Therapy Session

The main focus of physical therapy is recovery. Procedures can vary significantly from person to person. Whether it is a bone issue, a muscular issue, or a nerve issue, there are a tremendous amount of options that you can select to make your recovery happen as quickly and safely as possible. Physical Therapy helps you to get back to a life you’ll be excited to live. We also know that collaborating with our patients throughout their physical therapy sessions is key to a successful recovery.

Effective interpersonal communication skills, combined with practical skills, individualized patient-centric care, and environmental factors all play a massive role in helping a positive relationship set the foundation for your recovery. We make sure to spend adequate time with our patients and treat them with the highest respect as we provide clear explanations of the treatments we utilize and allow you to be involved in the decisions.

What Does Physical Therapy Recovery Entail?

Every patient is unique, and as such, the recovery process from whatever their ailment might be will also be unique. Physical therapy is highly effective for improving outcomes regarding pain and function in a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Physical Therapy Results

Physical therapy has a wide variety of results, dependent on the root cause of the pain or injury. Because the results of physical therapy can range widely from patient to patient, we highly recommend coming in for a consultation with the team at Summit Orthopedic Specialists. We will review your needs and goals and provide you more accurately with realistic goals and expectations.

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