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In-Office ArthroscopyWith Mi-Eye

Orthopedic Imaging Solution To Address Pain and Discomfort In The Joints

In most cases, treatment for problems in the joints, such as surgical procedures or physical therapy, can only be successfully commenced once an accurate diagnosis has been reached. Traditionally, this is done with an MRI scan. However, as a result of constant innovation in medical technology, there can be a better way. Mi-eye is a revolutionary new technique of administering in-office arthroscopy that has a huge potential for the future.

Using mi-eye, a fast, accurate diagnosis can be reached in the clinic or the office with minimal hassle. For an orthopedic clinic, this can be a great way to dramatically enhance the standards of care and treatment. At Summit Orthopedic Specialists we strive to provide the best mi-eye imaging Sacramento has to offer. The benefits of mi-eye can make it an essential technology in diagnosing joint problems without the aid of an MRI in the future. This might well become the new standard with time.

What is Mi-Eye?

In simple terms, mi-eye is a diagnostic tool that helps orthopedic specialists inspect the insides of joints in real-time. It takes in-office diagnostic arthroscopy to new levels and negates the need to perform an MRI.

The mi-eye is a handheld scope that integrates a high-resolution camera and a light source. It can be connected to a display or tablet device and used on the affected joint to provide imaging that can lead to quick and accurate diagnoses.

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How DoesMi-Eye Work?

The mi-eye arthroscopic tool can be used in a doctor’s office or clinic to provide visualization of a joint with great accuracy. The process involves:

  • Cleaning and sterilizing the area surrounding the affected joint
  • The application of localized anesthesia
  • Inserting the mi-eye scope into the joint
  • Visualization and diagnosis of the problem with real-time video output

After the procedure, your doctor can provide you with an immediate plan for treatment and you can resume your normal life with just a bandage applied to the area.

Quicker Outcomes for Doctors and Patients

The most important benefit of mi-eye technology comes courtesy of the increased process speed. Typically, it can take up to four visits to a clinic to arrive at a diagnosis through an MRI procedure. With mi-eye, a diagnosis and treatment plan can be formulated during the second visit itself.

With a faster diagnosis, real-time analysis, quick treatment plan, and effective scheduling, this can create a much quicker and more convenient outcome for patients while making things significantly more efficient for doctors. Emotional stress caused by long waiting times can also be mitigated.

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Accurate Results With Mi-Eye

The mi-eye technology is so effective because it provides doctors with the opportunity to study the joint up close with great detail and clarity.

Since the joint can be visualized in real-time on a high-definition screen, specialists have a great degree of control on their viewing angles and magnifications, yielding a much more detailed study of the joint and faster, more accurate diagnoses. With the real-time image and the handheld scope, there is an enhanced degree of articulation.

The doctor can choose to change camera angles, magnification levels, and focus on different areas of the joint with total control, resulting in reliable, quick diagnoses that can really be a boon for patients.

Mi-Eye Is An Excellent Alternative to MRI

While the MRI procedure remains a dependable method of imaging for orthopedic specialists, mi-eye technology is certainly a viable alternative that presents significant advantages.

One clear advantage is the problem of scheduling and additional visits that can arise from MRI use. The MRI procedure can also be much more expensive, owing to the large overheads and maintenance costs that come with the system. Mi-eye technology can also be an excellent alternative for patients who are not particularly good candidates for an MRI scan. Many patients have braces or medical implants that contain metal. MRI machines accomplish the imaging through the use of strong magnets.

In the case of such patients, the presence of metal on or inside their bodies can create interference, thereby skewing the results. Mi-eye can also be an excellent option for patients suffering from fear of closed, small spaces. For claustrophobic patients, being completely engulfed by a machine can be a terrifying prospect. Since the mi-eye is a small, handheld probe that can be used in-office, this provides a much friendlier, less intimidating setting that can be great for better patient experience.

Schedule Your Consultation for Mi-Eye in Sacramento

With the world of medical technologies moving ahead at a breakneck pace, it can be important for clinic and doctor’s practices to embrace change and innovation to improve standards of care.

If you have a joint problem, it can be worth your while to find a clinic in your area that provides mi-eye arthroscopy and make an appointment to enjoy the benefits of this technological breakthrough.

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