Hip Arthroscopy

golferHip pain and injuries are extremely common in many sports due to the tremendous forces placed on the hips. Summit Orthopedic Specialists offers hip arthroscopic surgery to diagnose and treat hip pain related to labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement, loose bodies, synovitis and other conditions.

During hip arthroscopy, the doctor inserts a tiny camera via a small incision in the hip joint. The camera or “scope” allows the doctor to see the hip joint and make an accurate diagnosis and treatment pathology that is seen.

During the minimally invasive surgery, the surgeon can also insert other instruments into the hip to perform necessary procedures, such as removing loose cartilage, smoothing or repairing damaged cartilage, or trimming bone spurs.

Because small incisions are made, people who have arthroscopic treatment have minimal surgical trauma and may regain their active lifestyles sooner than with open surgery. Arthroscopy is an outpatient procedure, so patients return home the same day. After a period of rehabilitation, most patients are able to return to full, unrestricted activities.

The outpatient procedure requires highly technical equipment and a high degree of surgical expertise. Summit physician Hunter Greene, M.D., is the region’s only orthopedic surgeon fellowship trained in the specialized technique.

For more information about hip arthroscopy or to schedule an appointment, please call Summit Orthopedic Specialists at (916) 965-4000.

Summit Orthopedic Specialists physicians who perform hip arthroscopy include:
Hunter Greene, M.D.

Hip Arthroscopy Patient Handout (PDF)