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Summit Orthopedic Specialists Nears 100th MAKO Patient Summit Orthopedic Specialists

Summit Orthopedic Specialists Nears 100th MAKO Patient

Posted on December 22, 2011 by summit

Since bringing the revolutionary MAKOplasty Partial Knee Resurfacing to the Sacramento region last spring, Summit has helped nearly 100 patients get back to an active lifestyle. Summit offers the minimally invasive technique to people with early to mid-stage arthritis and performs the procedure exclusively through Mercy.

With the precision of robotic technology, MAKOplasty allows orthopedic surgeons to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy. Using 3-D virtual imaging and real-time computer feedback, surgeons can pinpoint the precise portions of the knee damaged by arthritis when resurfacing the knee. Compared to total knee replacement surgery, this procedure spares up to 70 percent of healthy bone and tissue in the knee, including all the ligaments. This results in a much more natural-feeling knee.

Most MAKOplasty patients experience a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery, smaller incision, minimal blood loss and quicker rehabilitation compared to traditional total knee replacement. Another advantage for many is a return to an active lifestyle within weeks of the procedure compared to a total knee replacement, which can take several months of rehabilitation.

MAKOplasty enabled Gordon Morrice, an avid golfer, to get back out on the greens. “Last fall, my knees were in so much pain, I could hardly make the short walk down the hill to get my mail or keep up with my grandkids. After a total knee replacement on one knee and MAKOplasty partial knee resurfacing on the other knee a few months later, I have my life back. I was out on the golf course just a week after my MAKO procedure.”

Summit Orthopedic Specialists’ MAKO-certified orthopedic surgeons are:
Robert Cameto, M.D.
Hunter Greene, M.D.
Paul Sasaura, M.D.

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