Hand & Wrist

Summit Orthopedic Specialists’ Joint Center is dedicated to innovative non-surgical and microsurgery techniques of the hand. We offer the full range of advanced treatments for patients with a wide array of conditions, from hand arthritis to ganglion cysts to traumatic injuries to the fingers.

Physicians who specialize in conditions of the hand require additional education and rigorous training. This higher level of orthopedic expertise helps patients resume activities and regain optimal use of their hands. Dr. Scott Tanaka trained in the latest hand treatments and surgical procedures at the renowned Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center, one of the top upper extremity programs in the country. He uses innovative minimally invasive techniques to decrease pain and recovery time for patients with common and complex hand conditions.

hand & Wrist Contitions

Summit treats many different hand problems. Some of these injuries and conditions are listed below.

Arthritis of the Hand

image-placeholderHand arthritis is a condition that affects joints in the fingers and thumbs. This can cause pain, stiffness and deformity. There are three common types of arthritis:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Inflammatory (Rheumatoid) Arthritis
  • Post-Traumatic Arthritis

Boutonniere Deformity

Boutonniere deformity results from injury to the tendons that straighten the middle joint of your finger. The result is that the middle joint will not straighten while the fingertip bends back. Swelling and pain may also occur.

Boutonniere deformity must be treated promptly to retain full range of motion of the finger. Non-surgical treatment may include splints, exercise and protection during sports. Surgery may be an option in certain cases.